The Impact of Appearances

The Impact of Appearances

we have finalised our unit on ‘appearances’, in which we worked around the following statement of Inquiry:
Appearances communicate aspects of the way we express our identity, and their impact vary from context to context.

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Besides working on vocabulary development to enrich expression when describing how things, places and people look, we worked on utilising the ‘sources’  employed as stimulus. Students were encouraged to make reference to them in their interactions and formative and summative assessments, in order to give the opportunity to transfer.

As we were looking at our culminating task, news about the attacks in Lebanon and Paris took place, so this brought an interesting opportunity to include Action in our unit.  As we discussed the news, students understood that awareness helps people develop a better understanding of who we are and enables everyone to respect people’s background.

Thus, we felt that it’d be a good idea to share our journey with our QAIS community and make an attempt to create awareness  on the impact appearances have on us, and how they may or may  not shape the way we see the world.

Below are 3 videos made by students, in which they share their perspectives on appearances.

Tom Sato

Charlie Liu


Ray Pan

If your experience slow connection to the videos above, try the following YouTube links:

Video 1 (Ray Pang):

Video 2 (Tom Sato):

Video 3 (Charlie Liu):

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