Machines that we see everyday

Machines that we see everyday

As part of the unit that addresses the concept of Balance, Ms Canan had grade 9 and 10 MYP students look at daily objects in a different manner.

Prior to this lesson students had been introduced to concepts and terms such as force, lever, fulcrum, resistance, effort, load, resistance arm, and effort arm, but they had not visualize them. Hence, this session allowed to see science in real life, in daily objects that are whose physics properties are possible not thought about by many of us.

In this engagement, students realized how in life there are many kinds of levers, and how our perception changes when we look at the different functions objects can have: clearly these were objects that we employed in our daily activities, they might be simple, but they are machines that make our lives easier.

The class focused on one kind of simple machines: levers.

Students needed to think about what they do with the objects presented in each station; about what the processes involved in using them; about the relationship between these objects and the concept of force. Likewise, they had to think about the places where force is applied, and what happens as a result.

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