The Long Spoons Allegory

The Long Spoons Allegory

MYP 2/3 have begun a new unit addressing the 4th key concept assigned to Language Acquisition in the MYP: creativity. The statement of this unit is: Creative solutions for problems give way to cultural and linguistic adjustments related to social demands, processes, novel ways of doing things, and the purpose of knowledge.

The unit has been placed within the framework of the global context ‘Fairness and Development’. We are hoping that this unit gives way to student-generated action in the school.

The provocation used to get this unit started was ‘The allegory of the long spoons’, in which students had the opportunity to enact the allegory in order to become aware of the importance of collaboration when working as a team.

Reflection on the activity lead to discuss honesty, selfishness and kindness.

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As students begin their journey in the inquiry process, a series of visible learning strategies will be explored in order for students to share ideas and create a record of thinking patterns, as they become sensitised about the role of creativity has in problem solving processes.


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To complement the unit, students will be exploring their own creativity by reading The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Students will ‘re-tell’ the part of the book that is told through images, and will try try to plug their story to the story that is already included in the book. We will use the tracks in the audio book to add nuances to students’ narrations and, thus, address the related concepts of context and meaning.



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