Going further… With a little help of PYP

Going further… With a little help of PYP

One of the biggest advantages of concept-based learning is the immense variety of connections that can be established. Likewise, one of the benefits of teaching through a conceptual curriculum is the opportunity for collaboration across grades, subjects and programs.

Today, PYP2 students led a session on Design Thinking for MYP2/3 students. PYP students utilised their portfolios for the transdisciplinary unit ‘Where we are in place and time’, in which they looked at how inventions have shaped the world in order for MYP students to observe how the design process is documented when one has the goal of improving a product. Among the learning experiences PYP students shared are:

  • brainstorming as the activation of ideas.
  • the role of details in one’s design.
  • the importance of developing clear ideas.
  • the value of collaboration and asking for perspectives.
  • the worth of being resilient and not giving up when one makes mistakes or when one confronts difficult situations.
  • and the importance of reflection at the end of the process.

As MYP students reflected on the session, they became aware of who despite the biological age of PYP students, they are able to talk about their projects with pride, with insight and with full awareness of what is needed in order to generate a successful product. PYP students, on the other hand, successfully displayed strong communication and leadership skills

After this session, MYP students will start moving towards the culminating project for their Fairness and Development exploration into  the use of creativity for solving problems to gain access to equal opportunities, in which they will have to explore their creative thinking skills by generating a novel idea/product.

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A brief video that captures excerpts of PYP2’s presentation can be viewed here:

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