Visible Thinking in TOK

Visible Thinking in TOK

Our Diploma Program (IB DP) course in Theory of Knowledge (TOK) is a subject in which transfer is a crucial Approaches To Learning skill, and also a lifestyle.

As IB DP students commence their second year in TOK, it is of paramount importance to make connections between the information they have acquired in all subjects, as well as the knowledge they have acquired or constructed through experience.

These connections will help us wonder and encourage us to challenge ideas. We consistently follow a routine of looking back at the ideas generated in previous classes in order to visualize new understandings and insights into the world we have gained.

By becoming engaged in this process, we become aware of how many more questions arise. Our questioning and reflections prove that knowledge is not static; and that we are transformed in the moment when we consider different perspectives.

The use of visual thinking tools is key to our learning process in TOK.


在毕业班IB DP课程里的认识论课(TOK)上, 学习如何转化知识是一种重要的学习技能,或者说一种生活态度的体现。

IB DP的学生学习认识论课已经是第二年,如何把课堂上学习的知识与自己的生活经历和经验关联起来对这个年龄的学生至关重要。




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