Everyday should be Peace Day

Everyday should be Peace Day

Can peace truly be achieved?
It is a dream worth dreaming?
How can we make a difference?

These are just a few questions that emerged from a quick brainstorming session in which students reacted to as they entered their classroom, and read the following on the board: Let’s Celebrate World Peace Day!

Nothing makes me reflect more deeply than being touched by students’ reflections. Sharing a learning moment with students is something that adds meaning to what we do: trying to find joy in learning and living life with arms wide open.

MYP2 students took the opportunity to talk about and reflect on actions we may have done that do not contribute to world peace, as well the efforts that are worth making, considering our limitations and the reality of our possibilities. In this exchange of ideas, I was left speechless by what Kevin, one of our new MYP students, said: “we cannot just keep on dreaming; we must actually do something”. Evidently, his opinion triggered a tidal of further comments such as that of Apple’s: “Peace and conflict was my topic in my PYP exhibition, and I learned a lot about refugees”. Yet, more interestingly, it is the questions that emerged what set the tone to the reflection. Elaine, another new student asked: “So who takes cares of refugees in the new country?”; Ryoichi followed up by asking, “What do they think about everyday?, Do they feel at home?” Needless to say, the students were lining up their thoughts to take action.

As I shared with them my brief engagement with a refugee camp in Belgium, students’ questions kept on emerging. It was Chris’ voice who brought us back to the room and truly made us pause: “whatever we think is hard isn’t for these refugee children, but we can try to make them feel special”.

So today, after a few days of discussion reflection, MYP and PYP students’ letters finally make their way to Mouscron in Belgium, where children of refugees will read QAIS’ students wishes of hope and peace.

We do need to day to be World Peace Day to take action- As a matter of fact, it’s part of our mission statement, so it should be part of our daily habits.

As for me, I cannot be happier to be learning with these amazing young (or old) souls.


MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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