DP Students Visit IB School in Changchun 预科班学生访问长春IB 学校

DP Students Visit IB School in Changchun 预科班学生访问长春IB 学校


by Ms. Canan Cermen

DP 1 and DP 2 students had a truly unique and memorable experience collaborating with Changchun American International School (CAIS). This type of collaboration between IB schools is highly encouraged by the IB yet rarely achieved and we have done it!

On this 3-day trip QAIS students were hosted by CAIS students. They worked together on an environmental assessment of the Moon Lake Park (Jing yue tan). QAIS students also participated in teaching at an IB sister school, as well as chess, badminton, American football, soccer and volleyball.

The trip qualified as a “group 4 project”: a DP interdisciplinary collaborativeactivity in which students from different group 4 subjects work together on a scientific or technological topic.

Second, this was a CAS trip. Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) is at the heart of the Diploma Programme. CAS emphasizes helping students to develop their own identities in accordance with IB ethical and learner profile principles.

QAIS students were accompanied by the trip’s organizer, DP Biology teacher and CAS coordinator Ms. Canan Cermen; and DP coordinator Mr. Murat Gokalp.

The students worked hard and they played hard! We hope to collaborate with CAIS again in the future.

预科班学生访问长春IB 学校

11和12年级的学生(DP 1和DP 2)完成了一次为期3天具有特殊意义并充满回忆的长春之行 – 访问长春美国国际学校(CAIS),IB学校之间的紧密合作是非常受鼓励和推广的,也是非常少见的,但是我们实现了!


在Ms. Canan Cermen and Mr. Murat Gokalp两位老师的陪同下,在长春学校的安排下QAIS和CAIS的学生一起在月湖公园进行环境评估。此外,学生们又参加了其他具有创新性的和服务性的活动 如:与CAIS 的同学一起在附近的公立学校教英语、下棋、羽毛球、美式足球、足球、排球等。

学生们在一起努力的学习和开心的玩耍! 我们希望在不久的将来再次与CAIS展开深入合作和交流。

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