Voices of Peace

Voices of Peace

Advisory morning are not solely used to take attendance and remind students about their deadlines- we also engage in dialogue about learning and things that matter to us as learners. As describe in the blog entry about World Peace Day entitled “everyday can be peace day“, MYP 2 students wrote letters to children of refugees in Mouscron, Belgium, and now we have received their responses.

It is important to engage in dialogue about world issues for at least one becomes more aware of how the world is changing. However, we must always strive to live  an experiences in a way that allows us to feel that we are part of them, so that we can say that we have seen it, felt it, interact it with it, and/or helped to change it. As an educator, it is important for me to live experiences together with students. It is important to embrace the realization that “we are in this together”. In order to do this, one must go beyond the walls of the classroom and  the geography of the school.

I was happy to see students’ faces as I showed the images of the responses we were sent… “It is possible!” was the subtitle on their expressions.

A letter can serve as a vessel to transport our voices; in our words travel our ideas and hopes; and in people mind our wishes can become invisible tattoos.

Knowing that we are instruments that can work towards world peace is part of our Mission Statement, but we must not feel compelled to do it because it was written on a document that rules our institution. I personally believe every engaged individual (local, global, or glocal) should truly take every opportunity he or she has to take steps to be a better version of himself or herself, and in the process make our learning community a better place.

I am so proud of my MYP2 advisees for believing, and inviting me to believe with them!!!

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