Local Doctors Without Borders Volunteer Shares Experiences with Students 在青岛生活的无国界医生与学生交流

Local Doctors Without Borders Volunteer Shares Experiences with Students 在青岛生活的无国界医生与学生交流


All secondary students were privileged to have Dr. Hannah La come speak to us about her experiences volunteering for Doctors Without Borders in South Sudan, Pakistan and Nigeria.

Student imaginations reflected as Dr. La spoke calmly about sleeping in 50 degrees Celsius with no air conditioning while nearby there is gunfire and bombings.

Dr. La left a lasting impression in how she humbly described the volunteer service she provides to countries in strife through her time at Doctors Without Borders.

When she is in the field with Doctors Without Borders, she is on-call 24 hours a day. She shared stories of what life is like in the countries she has been with limited electricity, clean water and facilities.

Dr. La regularly works as an OB/GYN at United Family Healthcare in Qingdao when she isn’t volunteering with Doctors Without Borders (aka Medicins Sans Frontieres).


上周,所有中学部的学生有幸在QAIS与一位“无国界医生”Dr.Hannah La面对面,了解她在南苏丹、巴基斯坦和尼日利亚做志愿工作的经历。


Dr. La的人道主义行为给大家留下了深刻强烈的印象,而她对自己工作的叙述,即如何在战火纷飞的地方进行现场救援并为当地居民提供24小时紧急服务,却十分谦虚。


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  • Wow, amazing, what a courageous global citizen!

    JD Reply
  • Hearing from Dr. La was amazing. She is by far one of the bravest people I have ever met, and I think she should be really proud of everything she has done for others.

    Lucy Reply
  • I’m really grateful of the presentation that Dr.La have made. It is amazing that she is willing to give up her time and go to a place that is in war and help people.

    Charlie Reply
  • Dr. La’s presentation was very moving. It is amazing to have someone who have such confidence and motivation to be in our community.

    Yuka Reply
  • It was amazing to know about these interesting facts about the life in borders.I think that also got the opportunity to learn a lot from her bravery and courage.I am really surprised about the courage she has.

    suchi Reply
  • Dr.La is a admirable woman. She risked her life to go to countries with warfares to save people who needs help. She is very calm but also brave. Her work benefited many people.

    Harrison Reply
  • Dr.La is amazing, she is very courageous.

    Ray Reply
  • Dr. La spend her time to come to china and tell her experience about the war, what’s around her and her important job.

    Jacob Reply
  • It is amazing to see what she is doing to help others. She is basically risking her life for others!

    David Kumar Reply
  • First, I am going to thank Dr. La for coming to the school, and your amazing presentation. Also I admire what Dr. La did, because her job made a lot of children come to birth. Dr. La’s personal experience of what life is like in the countries she has been with limited electricity, clean water and facility told us what was like to help people in that circumstance which lacks everything.

    Justin Ma Reply
  • The presentation from Dr.La was amazing. I have learned things that I couldn’t learn from teachers at QAIS and also was surprised that she volunteered to go to such a dangerous place .

    Sam Park Reply
  • Doctor La is a great example to learn from in life, she has reached the standard of being a courageous global citizen! In the future,I would like to do charity to help places that are lack on development!

    Victoria Reply
  • Dr.La’s presentation was very nice. I thought she had a good mind, she went to different countries that had wars and helped them, so that they could live in common places.

    Steven Reply
  • Dr. La is such an inspiration, she helped people all over the world, and her experiences are unique. We should be thankful to her for sharing those experiences and others should also be grateful to her because she helped people who really needed it.

    Angie Reply
  • Eventhough I didn`t heard it, I could understand the courageous global citizen!

    Chris Hwang Reply
  • It was honor to hear from Dr.La. I’ve know her for 4 years now and I dind’t know she was doctor without border. I knew that doctor without border is hard and I admire her ! Thank you.

    Wendy Reply
  • I admire Dr.Hannah La very much, and I hope every global citizen could have the same thought as hers.

    Claire Li Reply

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