We are  running advisory

We are running advisory

This year, we have been doing a lot of things in advisory.

We have been learning about learning; learned strategies about reflection; and worked on our MYP targets.

However, advisory is not just important for teachers, but also for students.  It is really important for all students to start the day in a positive manner, and to stay fresh. For this reason, in our grade 7 advisory, we, students, came up with an initiative, and asked our advisors, Ms. Stella and Mr Rafael,  to allow us to take over.

Our proposal was to let us plan advisory. For this, we would need to be responsible, collaborate and take specific duties in order for everyone to be in charge one day. So, we decided that every morning, everyone should do a little game that should involved the whole class.

We all have been taking turns to plan a game, to prepare the materials needed, and to led it. I have to say that the feeling of seeing others enjoying the games that we’ve planned can make us feel satisfied, and that is the best way to start the morning.

So far, we’ve done this for two weeks and our advisory has been very successful: During these two weeks, we’ve played lots of games such as:

  • 7 days
  • Murderer
  • Musical chair
  • Traditional Korean games

We are happy for the trust our advisors have in us.


Jerry Li
QAIS Student Council
Grade 7 representative



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