In the world food center, all of our draft resolutions passed, I think that it was a even we’ve been through challenges but for us that it’s a great movement when our hard work was accepted. After the MMUN conference I feel really glad that I joined it because I found it really motivated me of some doable solutions to a real world problem.

Thinking back, it’s really different from the experience I had before. I’ve been in a  MUN conference, and I felt that there are many differences between MUN and MMUN conference.The first difference is that the time planing. For MUN because there’s only one topic so we spend too much time on debating the resolutions which sometimes we don’t have any more thing to say about it. MMUN has two topics so we had to work fast but at the same time we, we get one afternoon for fixing the resolution for each topic, which is the perfect time that we could get if we are not participating to much on really small details.

However, the main difference was that in MUN even people are friends, but they still kind of compete against each other, because each people is in the delegation and at the end the chair will pick the best delegate and announce in the whole committee. But in MMUN, we worked together that two people are in one delegation and the regional groups also come together to really think about a solution to the world problem. I really enjoyed the feeling of everybody trying to think about the solution and share their ideas to everyone to make a world a better place. 

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