Capturing the moments

Capturing the moments

After the MMUN conference came to an end, I went from delegate to photographer. Through the trip in Rome, I have been taking pictures with Ms. Liz’s camera.

I enjoy taking pictures of someone doing things,thinking of a way to take a picture that captures a beautiful moment. I love taking photos, but I didn’t think I was this good. Mr Rafael and Ms Liz kept telling me that my pictures were very pretty, and that they loved the composition, and this made me feel very happy.

I love taking pictures because I like observing people. I know that in order to take a beautiful picture, we must wait for the right moment to shoot. Some people always look good in photos, but for others we have to discover their best side. In this trip, this worked out pretty well for me and I was able to get some photos of people showing different emotions, and also having fun.

One thing I  noticed is that I was not so good at taking pictures when we were walking, maybe because I had to watch my step, and also because there are so many things to photograph in Rome.

Taking good pictures of moments and places we want to remember requires some time, and there were times when I had to choose whether I needed to take a picture and fall behind and then run, or just keep up with the group. I am very happy that in this trip, besides being part of MMUN, I also had the opportunity to take photos that my teachers and classmates will enjoy.

I really enjoy taking photos and I would like to continue taking photos.

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