The Colosseum

The Colosseum

Mr Rafael guided us to the Colosseum during our first night in Rome, after the MMUN conference. We did not go in, but we were able to walk around and experience how big it is.

The day before we left, we went to the colosseum again, but this time we went during the day. Since I had already seen it at night, now that it was in front of me again, I was amazed at how people in the past could build amazing structures such as this. Monuments like this teach us about history, but reading about it in books is different from having it in front of you. When we are in front of historical monuments like this First, feel so small.

Our tour guide took us to the underground level of the Colosseum. I was surprised to learn that wood was not used in the skeleton of the Colosseum structure. I was also surprised to see that there was no cement holding the rocks together, and I wondered how they came up with that idea.

As we went inside , the guide explained to us the events that took place in the Colosseum, and informed us what happened with people and animals. He also showed us some very old-fashioned elevators, and how they functioned. I was amazed that they can build such complicated machines back then and it is just for the entertainment of the people!

The tour guide was very smart and funny. I liked that he spoke like a history teacher but with good sense of humor.  He used language in a very funny manner to explain how Romans in the past were entertained when people got killed by other people or animals. I didn’t think one could talk about death and be funny.

When the guide took us to the upper level of the colosseum, I was able to see why this monument is a world wonder: there are so many parts of it, and so many details, that I think buildings in the present are boring in comparison.

At the beginning of the tour I thought it was going to be boring because it was going to be like a class, but I actually learned a lot.

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