Voices of Action

Voices of Action



Some of the core values of QAIS’ Mission Statement are our commitment to helping students become courageous, global citizens; to develop intercultural understanding; to take part in community action; and to demonstrate respect for all life. In order to accomplish this goal, we are constantly looking for opportunities to enrich learners’ experience.

To start off the 2017 literacy week, we invited Mayté Toca, a Spanish author, who spent a lot of time in Madagascar, to speak about her novel “Un Bosque de Sangre en Madagascar” (A Forest of Blood in Madagascar), which depicts the massive deforestation in Madagascar.

Besides speaking about her creative experience as a writer, she also spoke about the social responsibility authors have when denouncing an issue such as the one she described in  the novel. After her presentation, students had the opportunity to ask her questions.

It was nice to see how students’ questions related to their experiences as writers, as well as establishing connections with their classes.


MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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