The Power of Illustration

The Power of Illustration

Ms Jessica Vargas and Ms Cecilia Flores, our PYP2 and PYP3 teachers respectively, and authors of “A veces- Sometimes” took part in an interaction with QAIS MYP students was part of our Literacy Week 2017. Starting with the question, “what do you see?”, as a white space was shown, Ms Jessica and Ms Cecilia invited students to inquire into how we fill a space with words, images, symbols, and meaning, focusing on one word “Opportunity”.

Besides sharing experiences about their teaching and writing journey, Ms Jessica and Ms Cecilia also invited students to explore different ways of creating meaning and expressing their ideas, while becoming aware of the how big their creativity can be. Ms Jessica and Ms Cecilia also gave students the chance to illustrate a message they would like PYP students to “read”.

One of the salient points in this interaction was the invitation to take action through our creativity, which we can use to create awareness or to support awareness campings.

QAIS MYP students now know that there are individuals in our school that can support their creative journeys. By collaborating as a community, we at QAIS try to demonstrate that it is possible to live the joy for lifelong learning if one’s energies and efforts are channelized in the right manner.

Thank you, Ms Jessica and Ms Cecilia!


MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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