“C” in CAS also stands for “Celebration”

“C” in CAS also stands for “Celebration”

The culmination of the IB DP is always a great opportunity to celebrate. Likewise, finalizing the CAS journey in DP should be a reason to extend the celebration.

In order to celebrate QAIS DP2 students’ successful completion of the CAS programme, I decided to bake glitter-covered unicorn cupcakes in order to show them how the production process of these cupcakes is a representation of DP students’ CAS journey. The learning outcomes of  this process are explained below:

Learning outcome 1: Personal strengths (love for baking!) and and areas of development (learning a new cupcake recipe) are identified

Learning outcome 2: Challenges have been undertaken developing new skills in the process (making unicorn shaped cupcakes with rainbow icing on top)

Learning outcome 3: A unique CAS experience is initiated and planned (two weeks of planning, watching tutorials, ordering materials, improving organization and time-management skills)

Learning outcome 4: Commitment and perseverance in CAS experience is shown (multiple trials with many failures leading to frustration and sleepless nights, which lead to better planning and preparation)

Learning outcome 5: Benefits of working collaboratively is recognized and new skills are developed (working with Mr. G throughout the process)

Learning outcome 6: Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance (although this specific experience was not directly related with any global issue, throughout the process we felt that cupcakes like these could be made for fundraisers for global issues)

Learning outcome 7: Recognize and consider the ethics of choices and actions (We were very careful about the quality of the material we used and hygiene. We also made the cupcakes less sweet -considering preference of our students-. We also wanted to make enough cupcakes so they could be distributed to teachers who supported them throughout DP and especially with CAS, in order to show appreciation)

To accompany the celebration of the glitter-covered unicorn cupcakes, students hung their CAS posters to highlight a few examples of the numerous CAS experiences they participated in during their DP programme.

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