Artistry and Creation in IB DP Music

Artistry and Creation in IB DP Music

Two of the main goals of the IBDP Group 6 Subjects are centered around fostering “critical, reflective and informed practice” as well as providing the opportunity for students “to express themselves with confidence and competence”.

Shirley Ma’s final performance last week was a great example of this work in action. At the midpoint of the program, Shirley has completed one of her 3 compositions and is deepening her study of a range of piano repertoire. Engaging with music practices like performing and composing gives authenticity to a student’s work in this course.

After the DP Film Festival last week and Shirley’s performance, we are looking forward to lots more of this kind of sharing from the Group 6 subjects in the future here at QAIS. Congratulations to Shirley for being courageous and expressing yourself with such confidence!

Shirley’s performance can also be viewed on Youku in the following links:
Shirley performs a nocturn
Shirley’s Tango

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