Affirming QAIS Identity Through Assemblies

Affirming QAIS Identity Through Assemblies

A common feature of many schools across the world is the ritual of morning assembly: an event in which students and teachers gather together to hear morning announcements, and sometimes even witness special class performances or student-led discussions.  At QAIS, instead of starting the week with morning assemblies, we wrap up our weekly learning experience with a community meeting. Not only does this occasion allow us to look back and celebrate what has happened during the week through our “acknowledgements” tradition, but also provides us with the opportunity to reflect and to share some food for thought in order to head for the weekend with a few questions.

 Why do they do this at QAIS? What is the value of assembly?  For the last two years, we have been working hard on making our Mission Statement visible to the learning community by highlighting and celebrating how we are bringing it to life, and by providing students and teachers with a forum to share and celebrate their learning. In a few words, assemblies/community meetings have allowed us to nurture a positive school ethos that stresses care for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence should not be underestimated. Moreover, we have identified how these gatherings powerfully nurture the development of intrapersonal intelligence. 

 QAIS assemblies/community meetings help our learning community to affirm the school’s identity and aspirations.  Every Friday is planned with care in order for everyone in the community to observe how secondary school can live in a cohesive harmony that sustains the pursuit of excellence in all its forms.

 I personally believe that what the QAIS community shares in our assemblies is a reiteration of the value of each individual in the community, including understanding of QAIS programs, learning skills, and personal dreams and abilities.  

 The image below showcases the topics and content that were addressed in our assemblies during the academic year 2016-2017.


 At QAIS we will continue to channelize different forums through the school community feels empowered to contribute to a holistic learning experience.

MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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