Deepening Understanding of MYP Assessment: Parent Education Morning |MYP评估理解加深:家长教育早晨

Deepening Understanding of MYP Assessment: Parent Education Morning |MYP评估理解加深:家长教育早晨

All stakeholders are considered learners in the MYP. Every participant in the learning process, students, teachers, parents, and administrators, should embrace every opportunity that enables them to understand the MYP more deeply. In this process, we are all developing our Approaches to Learning Skills, and to reflect on our attainment.

On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, MYP parents attended a special session about Understanding Assessment in the MYP. This session was a follow up to the information session held during  registration day in which the general features of the MYP were presented to them.

In this session, the focus was for them to deepen their understanding of the 4 criteria used in each subject group; and to become acquainted with the main features of formative and summative assessment. Likewise, the criterion-referenced approach to assment was explained to parents so that they  can appreciate the value of the MYP assessment criteria.

Parents participated in an MYP assessment simulation in which they became aware of the role criteria play in effectively understanding what one is to do in a task, as well as what needs to be demonstarted in order to attan the highest level.

Finally, parents were provided with a series of questions that  they can use during Parent-Teacher conferences in order to gain more insight in their children performance in each criterion. This initiative willl hopefully help them becomemore active participants in their children’s strive for mastery.

在MYP中,所有利益相关者都被考虑为学者。每一个在 学习过程中的参与者,包括学生、老师、家长和管理 员都应当把握每次对MYP理解加深的机会。在这过程中 ,我们都会提高我们的学习技巧,从而在成就上显现 出来。

在2017年九月20日周三,MYP家长参加了一个特殊的、 关于MYP理解评估的会议。此次会议是对等登记报道日 那天,给予家长们MYP大体特色信息会的进一步追踪。 本次会议主要聚焦在:让家长们深化他们对每个学科 组中4个评估标准的理解,以及让他们对Formative 和 Summative 评估的大体特色有一定的了解。同样的,为 了让家长可以更好的理解MYP评估体标准的价值,我们 也向家长解释说明了评估参考的评估准则。家长们参 与了一个MYP评估模拟,从而有效地让家长们对每个孩 子在作业中需要做什么有一个有效率的了解,及只有 证明作业中的步骤才才能达到最高的等级。

最后,在家长老师交流会中,我们向家长提供了一系 列的、他们可以洞察孩子在各个评估准则中表现的问 题。这会让他们成为他们孩子努力进步成长道路上的 积极助推者。

MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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