MYP 3 Science – Five types of Chemical Reactions Lab

MYP 3 Science – Five types of Chemical Reactions Lab

Knowing and understanding is the first criterion of MYP3 and one the 8th grade students have been diving into. Their second major lab of the year entitled: The Five Types of Chemical Reactions had them use their previous knowledge of the periodic table, chemical symbols and chemical equations to investigate eight stations of chemical reactions. After an elaborate safety review, the students donned their protective goggles and got to work.

The eight stations walked the students through different chemical reactions. They used their observation skills, writing, and taking pictures to describe any changes. These changes were recorded in a comprehensive document.

Finally, the students examined the individual chemical equations for the different stations. These included having to balance an equation such as: C4H10 + O2 –> CO2 + H20. I left it unbalanced so you can give it a try! Good luck!

Check out the video below for the highlights!

Statement of Inquiry: Understanding the building blocks of the universe depends on evidence and models created from different perspectives of space and time.

Key Concept: Time, place, and space

Related Concepts: Evidence and Models

Would you like to see what students were doing?

Click on this link to see the video.

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