We Forgot about Boards and Markers in Mathematics

We Forgot about Boards and Markers in Mathematics

Both in my MYP and DP classes, the use of board and markers has become history. The board has evolved into a screen of an iPad. In other words, we still use the good old friend from time to time, but not more.

As a teacher, I am not turning my back on my students for I hold the board in my hand, and I am facing students. Working in this manner also allows me to share “the board” with my pupils and, while doing so, if there is a need, we can share classwork with each other.  In addition, when working in this manner students have more chances to use and improve their language skills.

As a matter of fact, when the iPad is in the hands of a learner, I can function as a subject and a language teacher at the same time.

To view the interaction I have with MYP Extended Mathematics students, click on the link below.

Link to Youku.

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