Building Bridges for University Education | 为大学教育搭建桥梁

Building Bridges for University Education | 为大学教育搭建桥梁

Nowadays, universities aim at forming citizens that contribute to society, to the field of knowledge they choose, and that create impact in this ever changing world. For this reason, universities around the world hold the IB programs in high esteem as universities and world organizations alike have realized that the IB MYP instills lifelong learning values, as well as a strong critical thinking skills, while the IB DP enhances students’ research, knowledge application, and service learning skills. Therefore, it is no surprise that the best universities are interested in having IB graduates as part of their student body.
    当今大学培养学生的目标是让学生服务社会,在自己的专业领域做出贡献,并在这个瞬息万变的社会里创造积极影响。基于这些原因,世界各国的优秀大学对IB国际文凭课程评价极高,因为大学和国际性组织都认识到,IB MYP中学课程贯彻终生学习的价值观,培养学生批判性的思维,IB DP毕业文凭课程着重学生研究能力、知识转化能力和社会服务的能力。因此,丝毫不难理解为何世界一流的大学都欢迎IB毕业生。
Last week, QAIS hosted a presentation Hong Kong Polytechnic University, a highly reputed institution whose university programs rank among the top 100 in the world.
QAIS students learned about the programs the university offers, the scholarship programs it has, and the opportunities for holistic development that they will find if they decide to choose it. However, what students found most interesting is the relevance the high regard the university places on service for the community, engaging in local and global initiatives, and being an active member of the community, which are values that QAIS emphasizes.



QAIS will continue to host universities in order to support our students’ choices for their future. Most importantly, QAIS will continue to place a high value in developing students lifelong love of learning through a holistic, child-centered, inquiry-based approach. By embracing each student’s diverse needs, learning styles, and strengths, we strive to develop courageous global citizens who help to create a more peaceful world through community action, intercultural understanding, and respect for all life, as stated in our mission statement.
Below are a few images of Hong Kong Polytechnic University visit. | 以下是香港理工大学招生见面会的一些照片。

MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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