North China and Mongolia Job-alike Session

North China and Mongolia Job-alike Session

MYP Job-alike Session
October 20, 2018
Call for Breakout Session

Qingdao Amerasia International School (QAIS) is proud to host the Northern China and Mongolia IB MYP Job-alike Conference on October 20, 2018.

QAIS invites IB educators in the region to submit breakout session proposals linked to the umbrella theme: ‘The MYP: Paving the way for the DP… and for life’ to present at the conference. We are aiming to have two sets of 10 parallel breakout presentations, and to conclude with a job-alike session forall specialties: Subject Groups, Library, Counselling, Service Action, Personal Project or Projects, etc. Use this link to submit a proposal [linked removed- proposal submissions are closed].

Submission of breakout session proposals will close on September 15th, 2018. Applicants will receive a response on or before October 1st; confirmation of participation for the event will close on October 10.

A breakout selection committee will review proposals. The committee will review all presentation submissions using a set of criteria, which includes the relevance to the MYP, and the practicality of the material that will be presented. As part of the review, the committee will also consider the relevance of the proposal to the theme as well as to one of the conference’s strands listed below.

  • Learning in the MYP
  • Teaching in the MYP
  • MYP Community
  • Parents as Learners
  • MYP Core
  • MYP Coordination
  • PYP-MYP Transition
  • MYP-DP Transition
  • MYP-CP Transition

 QAIS looks forward to seeing you in beautiful Qingdao on October 20, 2018!
On behalf of the organizing team and the North China and Mongolia IB MYP Network,

Rafael Angel

QAIS MYP Coordinator

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MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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