Author: Lauren Borodenko


An Artist’s Duty is to Reflect The Times. | 艺术家的责任是影射时代

Nina Simone’s words posit an important statement for us to consider, that artists have a duty or responsibility to reflect the times. This statement was one of the stimulus statements that served as a starting point for the Association for Music in International School’s (AMIS) composition workshop for students in IB Music. During the weekend of November 5-7, four students […]


DP Music Students Cross Bridges; With a Rhythm

In our opening unit of DP Music, students are starting to uncover the foundation of music knowing and understanding. As described by the Diploma Program, music is an essential part of the human experience and a unique mode of expression and communication.  Our DP students are starting to formally develop a common language to discuss about and communicate through music. Part of our opening investigation addressed mechanisms of […]


Artistry and Creation in IB DP Music

Two of the main goals of the IBDP Group 6 Subjects are centered around fostering “critical, reflective and informed practice” as well as providing the opportunity for students “to express themselves with confidence and competence”. Shirley Ma’s final performance last week was a great example of this work in action. At the midpoint of the program, Shirley […]

By Lauren Borodenko | Arts . IB DP . Personal and Cultural Expression