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HIS and QAIS joined MYP Personal Project Presentation 2018

The MYP Personal Project is: A research task conducted over an established period of time. A research project based on a specific area of knowledge. A research project chosen by students on a topic of their interest. A demonstration of students’ abilities to manage time, do research, collaborate, and communicate ideas. An example of research […]


MYP Students do Research to Plan Service and Action Initiative | MYP学生研究规划首次CAS项目。

Understanding that students are at the center of the learning process should help us develop several attitudes as part of a learning community: Students should experience agency and leadership in choosing how to learn and deepen their understanding. Students’ personal exploration of their interest should play a crucial role in the learning they experience. Students’ […]


QAIS MYP 1 Students Co-lead MYP Parent Education Morning | QAIS 中学部一年级协助指导中学部家长教育早会

In order to develop a sense of belonging in a culture, individuals need to feel a strong and deep connection with its values, its beliefs, the relationships that exists at its core, and with the way it works. Since  the MYP is an educational model in which parents, students, and teachers are considered learners, it […]


Using the Language Class to learn about a Problem of Local and Global Significance

  One of the beauties about language teaching is the fact that the learning experiences that can be designed are not limited to one specific area of knowledge. In the language class, the world and all its scenarios and adventures are our playground, and we can use language to voice people and cultures’ ideas. For […]


Something to Protest About: the Power of Art to Change the World.

In MYP 4&5 English Language and Literature students are engaged in an interdisciplinary unit, “Something to Protest About: the Power of Art to Change the World.” Students are examining the power of protest music and visual art during the Civil Rights movement in the United States in the 1960s in Language and Literature, The Humanities […]


Can poetry inspire science? In MYP, it can!

  Ms. Canan’s MYP 4 Science students started the year with an infusion of poetry into their science class. Their first unit’s title “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink!”, is inspired by the famous poem “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” written in 1797-98, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Mr. McCarthy was the guest […]


QAIS MYP Student Service-Led Projects

All teachers are language teachers! All teachers are ATL teachers! Learning experiences in all classes should inspire and empower students to consider using what they learn to take action in the community. QAIS MYP teachers continue to diversify the approached through which students become more engaged with the local community. In this occasion, QAIS MYP Students […]


Don’t forget about the animals!

My name is Kevin Pak, and I am a 7th grader at Qingdao Amerasia International School (QAIS). A few months ago we started the QAIS Ambassador program and because of my passion for taking care of animals I decided to become the animal rights ambassador at QAIS. An important point in the Mission Statements of […]


Voices of Action

    Some of the core values of QAIS’ Mission Statement are our commitment to helping students become courageous, global citizens; to develop intercultural understanding; to take part in community action; and to demonstrate respect for all life. In order to accomplish this goal, we are constantly looking for opportunities to enrich learners’ experience. To start off the […]


Animal Rights: A project for the Chinese Class

As an action component for their unit entitled “Arts as a voice of society”, MYP 2 Chinese Language Acquisition students decided to  take a challenge in their language classes and do research in order to enhance the connection between their work and this unit’s statement of inquiry: Art can be used to create empathy, and as a […]