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Deepening Understanding of MYP Assessment: Parent Education Morning |MYP评估理解加深:家长教育早晨

All stakeholders are considered learners in the MYP. Every participant in the learning process, students, teachers, parents, and administrators, should embrace every opportunity that enables them to understand the MYP more deeply. In this process, we are all developing our Approaches to Learning Skills, and to reflect on our attainment. On Wednesday, September 20, 2017, […]

By Rafael Angel | IB Parent Education

QAIS MYP Parents are Lifelong Learners / 家长同样是终身学习者 /

  QAIS MYP is growing, and we welcome this growth with open arms and open hearts. To acknowledge the role our parents play in making effective learning happen, we are developing tools for them to develop a better understanding of the MYP. A unique feature of our MYP education sessions with parents will be the […]

By Rafael Angel | IB MYP . IB Parent Education