Personal Project


CAS Ideas Inspire Internal Assessment (IA) in DP Biology

While studying our unit about Water, Shirley was shocked when she read articles and watched videos about how the ‘fast’ fashion industry was polluting waterways in China.  As a CAS project, she wanted to do some experiments in order to show the community the detrimental effects of textile dyes on the environment. To take this to the next level she was inspired to […]


The QAIS MYP Personal Project Experience

Dear MYP 5 student, the Personal Project is a unique experience; thus, you should make the most of it, and truly embrace all the learning that comes with it. In this space you find a collection of resources to support your journey. Note that all of this documents are cited in your MYP Personal Project […]


Girl Power in the MYP Personal Project 2017

In culmination of their final year in the IB MYP, 10th grade students Lucy Dustman, Candy Choi, and Andee Ashelman pulled out all the stops on their final personal projects. Displays lined the entryway, as teachers, students, and parents viewed their impressive work. Lucy developed an interactive website, so IB students and teachers across the […]

By Rafael Angel | Advisory (ATL) . IB MYP . Personal Project