A Language Experiment: QAIS ATL Program in Action

A Language Experiment: QAIS ATL Program in Action

As part of our ATL-based advisory Program, we have developed a series of learning experiences that allow your students to become aware of the skills they need to employ (and they are employing) while  working on a specific task or solving a problem.

All QAIS advisory program tasks culminate with a reflection session in which students are encouraged to recall the processes they experienced,  to identify the skills that were employed in the experience, and reflect on how effectively they employed those skills. Likewise, we are empowering students to be resilient, and to be fully aware of how they are overcoming difficulties so that they can support the growth of our learning community.

In MYP 2, students participated in a silent language experiment. Not only were we impressed by their organization, collaboration, and thinking skills as they planned the task, but also by their insights during reflection time. This proves that when students and teachers engage in dialogue, both of them a kind of learning that allows them to see how both of them play a significant role in the process.

Click on the links below to see students in action.

In teams, students had to create a gesture-based communication system


Students designed a silent language and had to teach it to their peers.


Students explored different ways of conveying their meaning and making themselves understood.


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