Globally minded language users

Globally minded language users

Witnessing how students employ language meaningfully to convey their points of view, to challenge convictions, to invite reflection, and to assess opinions, is one of the most enriching experiences for anyone involved in the learning process.

As our MMUN program evolves each session, students (aka delegates) have become aware of the language mechanisms that are needed to communicate effectively, as well of the systems that have been put in place for communication to occur in a meaningful manner. Likewise, they have experienced how meaning is constructed, and enriched through collaboration.

We, the teachers who are leading the class (aka Chairs), have been stimulated by students engagement and by seeing them operate as active participants of the learning process. The pictures below represent MMUN moments from our grades 9 and 10 session, as students deliver and interact with their first ever opening speeches, in preparation for resolution writing.


Using placards to be acknowledge has become a habit.


Students wrote and delivered their first opening speech successfully.


Students demonstrated their abilities to integrate old and new information and skills they have acquired.










Students made their voices heard through their speeches.



Sample of students’ opening speech.


Sample of students’ opening speech.














MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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