Living Real Life Situations in the Classroom

Living Real Life Situations in the Classroom

The Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course seeks to enable students to establish connections between the knowledge and skills they acquire in the IB DP and their surroundings. Real Life Situations (RLS) constitute an entry point to encourage students in keeping a focused discussion going on, while developing a clear analysis.

Many times, RLS are addressed via readings, and the scope to explore the  KUD (know-understando-do) elements of conceptual learning tends to focus on comprehension and discussion. For this reason, in order to help students internalise the power of a series of selected RLS, we are employing dramatizing and role-playing as strategies to engage students as active agents in the construction of meaning; to develop empathy, and to personalize the experience.

Using drama as a strategy also enables us to scaffold the learning experience, providing a variety of engagements that encourage students to employ a diverse set of skills, to become language users who are aware of the meaning they are conveying, exchanging and co-constructing, as well as to question their convictions by ‘facing the music’.

Below are a few videos of the experience as students explore the case of Genie Wiley, looking at language, ethics and science.

Video 1: Using Role Play in TOK RLS.

Video 2: Dramatizing RLS in TOK

IMG_0315 IMG_0316

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