ATL Support for the PYP Exhibition

ATL Support for the PYP Exhibition

In a previous post entitled The ATL Museum Part I, grade 7 students presented a collection of  ATL-related posters they made to PYP5. This time it was PYP6’s turn.

Our grade 7 students know what it takes to be successful in the PYP Exhibition, so they customised the presentation they had previously delivered with a focus on the exhibition. Moreover, since they had been working on studying printed sources, they added a new element to their presentation: guidelines on how to look at different types of publications.

IMG_5023                  IMG_5024

Grade 7 students had clearly developed confidence in their presentation skills, and they also demonstrated how they had mastered the ‘learning’ they were passing on to their PYP peers. Nonetheless, the highlight of this collaboration is the extent to which they related to which PYP6 students needed, hence making this experience a very relevant one.

We cannot be prouder of our grade 7 students for demonstrating that when Approaches to Learning are part of daily dialogue one can truly augment the meaning and value of learning; opposite to  just having a dead document with a set of skills hat nobody bothers to look at at.

ATL Skills are flavours that one needs to savour, not jargon that one should regurgitate.




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