The End of a Great Experience

The End of a Great Experience

I wrote these lines on the last day of the MMUN Rome Conference.

Very similar to the first day, the last day had a closing ceremony. However, this ceremony felt different: we knew this was the end and that we may not see some of the people we had been working and learning with for the last 3 days.

We went to the World Food Center, where we learned about the different resolutions that were made and the different goals that Judith Cunningham, the creator of MMUN, had for this conference and she had us raise our hands to show if we had personally met those goals.  In the ceremony, each committee chose a few delegates to represent the work done. From each committee there were at least 3 delegates that shared the main points of their committee’s resolutions. This made me really proud of our work, especially because each resolution was passed by consensus.

It is hard to be a part of experiences that come to an end. I think that in the last moments of any great experience we get to see every good thing we lived in slow motion. We start remembering good ideas we heard, moments that made us feel good, challenges we overcame, and how different we are from the person we were when we started the conference.

I still think MMUN is not easy; it is intense, and it requires us to be smart and to speak with conviction. However, I loved the fact that we also get to socialize with others and learn from them. I enjoyed spending time with teaches as well. Even though I know they are my teachers, it was nice to see them as regular people, to see them laugh out loud, to tell and enjoy jokes, and to share personal stories.

I think we should feel lucky to be able to experience things like this trip.

April 28, 2017

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