Rome Memories

Rome Memories

I had great trip in Rome.

The MMUN conference was a new experience for me. I had the opportunity to work with people that I did not know, and to listen to different ideas. I liked this because this means I worked with different people and that I listened to different ideas.

I thought giving an opening speech was going to be difficult, but it wasn’t. I think every  new session was easier because I knew what to do.

When the conference finished, everyday, we used to get up early. We only took public transportation once when we went to the Vatican City, and we walked for the rest of the trip. I liked our last morning walk very  much because there were less people on the street. The streets were quite; we climb up to a church on a small hill, and we went in because it was open.

Another thing I enjoyed in Rome was the ice-cream. We ate a lot of gelato. Italy’s ice cream is so different to the ice-cream we have in Qingdao. There were so many flavours, and I tried several new ones.

In this trip I was Ryo’s roommate, and I had a good experience because I don’t talk to him a lot at school, and now I think I know him better. When we were alone we spoke in Japanese, which was good, because I don’t do it often.

I loved Rome.

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