Last Thoughts during a Morning walk

Last Thoughts during a Morning walk

On our last day in Rome, May 2nd, prior to going to the airport, we went out for a morning walk.

We had been exploring Rome for three days, and we could not get enough. We got up early and met the rest of the group at 7:00 Am. We walked the streets of Rome that we walked during our trip, but this time we did it in morning, when there were no crowds, when the city was still sleeping.

I enjoyed the quietness of the streets, and how the city looked completely different without people. We went to catholic church and we got a big uprise. The building from the outside was quite ordinary; however, inside it was amazing:all the walls are decorated and all the ceiling were painted. It was very peaceful, and everyone was quiet and calm.

As we went back to the hotel to have breakfast and get ready, I reflected on everything we had done in Rome: the distances we walked, the food we ate, and how different we were here in comparison to how we are at QAIS. I liked spending time with people I normally do not hang out with. I also think some people know me better now.

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