The Traveling Experience

The Traveling Experience

The Traveling Experience
By: Lucy and Jacob

Even though a direct flight to Rome would only take around 10 hours, ours were longer than that.

We left school on April 24, 2017 at 12:00 pm to go to the airport.  We had a connection flight in GuangZhou, and we thought that over there we would take a plane to Rome. However, we were really confused because when we were waiting for the flight to Rome, we learned that the plane would make another stop in WuHan.

We didn’t have a choice but waiting. However, it was Amelia’s birthday, so we used our waiting time in WuHan and sang happy birthday to her at the waiting area. Some other passengers joined us as we sang, and it was very nice. The flight to Rome took nearly 11 hours.

When we arrived in Roma and there were two drivers that drove us to the hotel. Breakfast at the hotel was very expensive, but the restaurant hostess was very nice and gave us a discount because (Ms Liz said) we were students and were there for a learning experience, and we needed to eat well. This was the first example of kindness in the conference.

After breakfast we worked on the displays for MMUN. Some of us took longer than others, but we finished. We were waiting for our rooms to be ready, so when we finished our displays,  we walked to a pizza place nearby.  We ate our first pizza in a very typical place, where normal people go. It was not fancy, but it was real, and I loved it. The pizza was really delicious, and the people were very kind to us.

When we were allowed in our hotel rooms, we got ready for the welcoming dinner. At the dinner, we got to meet other delegates of the conference. we were surprised that there were around 500 students of different ages, from many different countries like Egypt, Azerbaijan, Australia, Belgium, Norway, and other schools from China. It was a really international atmosphere. We spoke to some  delegates, and some students from China came to speak with us. We were surprised to see that some delegates were every young but were also very confident. It was a really long day, but it was worth it because we had the best time ever!

In Rome we had the opportunity to speak to QAIS students that we do not speak to often. I (Jacob) spent a lot of time with Skye and found out he is a very cool guy. The girls also did a lot of things together and seemed like a really great team.

When we were getting ready to fly to Qingdao, we felt more like a big team. We were speaking more, and we think this is what trips like this do to us: they bring us together.



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