Traveling with Grover

Traveling with Grover

Once we started our tour around the Rome, a new unexpected member joined our ranks – a blue plush and kind monster named Grover from Sesame Street. Grover came on the trip to help Ms. Liz to send picture updates to her family in Qingdao. Being a friendly guy he soon made friends with our students.

Beside being funny and cute, Grover was a constant reminder that we were all lucky to be visiting Rome because someone at home gave us the encouragement and the chance to go and explore. We were trusted by our families, school and community to go and represent QAIS in Rome and while we could not take all of you with us, you were in our thoughts often.

Every time I look at a Grover snapshot, I see that behind every student and teacher there is a village of supporters – a network of caring and generous people we cherish. So whether you are a parent, a child, a best friend, an administrator or a teacher willing to make our trip come true, please know we appreciate you. You are in every photo we took.


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