IB DP CAS Gave me the Opportunity to Engage

IB DP CAS Gave me the Opportunity to Engage

Hello, My name is Zsófia Podnar. I graduated from QAIS in 2016. Even though I was not an IB DP student- I was only a certificate student, I wanted to be a part of the QAIS Inspire Project Experience.

When Ms Canan and Mr Rafael spoke to us IB DP students about how we could put our skills and strengths into practice through CAS, I knew I could not  miss this opportunity.  After reading the job descriptions created by Ms Canan and Mr Rafael, I decided to apply for the position of Head of communication, because that is something I want to do in the future.

In order to prepare to be a successful communicator I spent a long time speaking to Mr Eric Blocher, who was the Director of Communications at QAIS. From him I learner about the importance of “branding” and understanding how to create positive impact through creativity. Mr Blocher taught me a lot about communication protocols and how to improve the quality of my writing. I must say that there were times in which I felt I would never master these skills, but he made sure I developed the skills needed to do my job with quality.

By understanding what the event was going to look like my whole idea changed. When it was introduced to us it wasn’t clear what does “Inspire Project” mean. I thought that it is going to be easy to organize but it took a lot of time, and we had to work really hard.

I really enjoyed the planning part, and the event as well. I learned some things what could be useful for university such as time management, cooperation, and I improved my managing skills. For the future I think if people should spend more time thinking how to better organize the event, and making sure that they are ready the day before.

I was happy to experience this event and to participate in it. The DP is a rigorous program, but I am very well aware of how it really helps students get trained for complex and difficult situations.

The chart below summarizes some of my experiences in the QAIS Inspire Project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.06.23 AM

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