CAS: An Opportunity to demonstrate Leadership

CAS: An Opportunity to demonstrate Leadership

In 2016, when I was in grade 11 (IB DP1), I was part of the leadership team for the organisation of the QAIS Inspire Project. Looking back at it, I cannot help but think of the amazing opportunity it was for me to demonstrate my leadership skills.

My original thoughts of the events were to do the workshop at a hotel room, by renting it. This is because I wanted the event to be formal. When Mr. Rafael showed me the video of the Inspire project done in Jordan, I thought of a big scale event. Furthermore, I thought of a workshop where people needed to register the workshops and attend the meetings.

I actually thought that this event would be hard to be achieved, because China is different with Jordan, and I thought that there wouldn’t be many people interested in the event. Since Chinese people are more conventional than other people from, other countries, I wanted to start the event easily, where we do the event at school instead of renting a hotel room.

Looking back at my experience, this is what I recall about QAIS Inspire.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 11.28.50 AMIf someone were to take the position I had in this event, I would advise him/her to try to take full responsibility for what she or he is doing. He or she should be in charge of everything and lead the group!!

I think even if there weren’t much people than expected, the event flowed smoothly. I thought that everyone at least did something from their job, and people made collaboration, which was helpful for each other.

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