CAS helped me see that I was able to share

CAS helped me see that I was able to share

When Mr. Rafael and Ms Canan invited us to participate in a brainstorm session to figure out how we could use the skills and talents the QAIS community has and to think of a way in which we could share these with the whole city, Qingdao, my original thoughts about an event through which we could do this was that it would be a big event. In my mind, I imaged this could be very similar to International Day, because I thought there could be many booths like international day, each both representing an idea worth spreading.

I was in charge of coordinating the talents we found, and to take care of the venue design, so that all the people that participated had a proper place to do their activity.

As the planning developed, I realized that the scale of the event will be smaller than I initially thought. First, we didn’t receive as much workshop requests, and there were uncertainties as to how many people will attend the event. This eventually changed they way we planed our venue, instead of an indoors-outdoors combination, we only utilized the auditorium. I also made options regarding the layout of the workshops for the hosts to choose.

I was totally happy to help anyone, but this again this tells me that we need better time management and more clear job division. This mixing of jobs also occurred at other areas of this project. I think this is a very understanding and loving group, and everyone is willing to help out, but lacks more organization and systematic processes.

Looking back at my experience, even when the scale of the event was smaller than anticipated, we promoted this event through the whole the school and in Qingdao. We also created an account on WeChat, so that we could share digital information more easily.

The event turned out to be a very small one. However, we are the first DP cohort at QAIS, and nothing of this sort had been planned before. The event was the first in its name, and I thought that it was a lovely (bit awkward at first with just a handful of people walking around :P) event.

I also think we were able to give the community an example of what QAIS is and may become: a community of multi-talented individuals. Starting the event with Zumba as an icebreaker was a great idea; and the workshops that follow, despite their size, were good examples of our spirit.

Even though I was only able to participate in two workshops, less than I hoped, I still saw amazing products from each workshop, and I feel that people had a great time. Plus the food workshops where amazing.

The table below summaries some of my experiences.

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 12.52.23 PM

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