Using my knowledge of Design in a Real World Situation

Using my knowledge of Design in a Real World Situation

My name is Candy Choi, and I would like to share my experience in our MYP5 design unit in which I had to collaborate with someone in order to create a product for them. In order to make this happen, I would need to find a client, for whom I would be the designer.

In this project, I worked with my classmate Andee Ashelman. We both had the same client who was a CEO of Jewelry Company called Melissa&Rosella. My role was to create a poster and Andee’s was to create a jewelry design. We approximately worked with the client for 9 weeks.

When the CEO of the Jewelry company contacted me and informed me that she had decided to use my poster in her official website, I was proud, but I could not believe it. I didn’t expect that this could be possible. This outcome made me feel like I had really become a real designer in the real world, finding a solution for an authentic situation.

Looking back at this experience, I can say that now I have experienced being a designer in a real-life situation. Now I can say that I have experience something that I might have to deal with, when I decide to collaborate or provide solutions to future clients.

The following pictures show some moments of the collaboration I had with the CEO, as well the poster that I made, and how it was featured on jewelry’s the web browser.

web browser

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