QAIS Student Council 2016-2017 Retrospective

QAIS Student Council 2016-2017 Retrospective

QAIS Student councils is QAIS student leadership group.
The council was formed as a platform for students to share students’ ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and school heads.

In order for QAIS student council to work, it is important to know what our peers need, and would love to do. For this reason,  QAIS student council meets regularly in order to put together a series of initiatives from different grades.

The academic year 2016-2017 has been full of engagements. Below are some significant ones:

An anonymous suggestion box- for the students to communicate to the student council, in an easy and in an anonymous manner. Through this box, students won’t feel shy or embarrassed to give out a suggestion that means a lot to them.
Student Store–The Mix
The first student-lead store was one of this year’s highlights. The idea was conceived by 10th graders in their design class, and they continued the project and finally generated in the real life. After the establishment of student store, it became a part of the student council. The profit from ‘The Mix’ is donated to the student council. This year the amount of money donated was about 1000 RMB.
An important feature of ‘The Mix’ is that it welcomes participation from all the secondary community. Thus, it should be no surprise to see different students working at the store during the lunch time and in the morning.
These are the students who were part of QAIS student council 2016-2017:
President: Sarah Ryou
Vice President: Angie Geraldo
Communications Officer: Bessie Xu
Treasurer: Candy Choi
12/11th Grade representative: Ruth Kumar
10th Grade representative: Andee Ashellman
9th Grade representative: David Kumar
8th Grade representative: Steven Ryou
7th Grade representative: Jerry Li
QAIS Student council adviser: Mr. JD

Student Council 2016-2017-3


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