Find Your Mountain | 寻找你的山峰

Find Your Mountain | 寻找你的山峰

Teachers are more than just individuals who instruct others about a particular subject; they are people who change lives and inspire to do great things. Educators can ignite a fire of interest in a particular field of study, they can encourage a talent and help craft it or they can simply just be the reinforcement and moral support that you need in life. In many occasions, teachers remain learners and are a constant reflection of all the dispositions we should embrace and display through our lifetime.

Last Friday, November 10, 2017, Mr. Brendan Madden, our MYP and DP science teacher and MYP Service and Action Coordinator, started what we hope becomes a strong tradition at school: QAIS Inspiration. At QAIS, we are capitalizing on our community members’ expertise, life stories, and passions in order to enrich the triumphant spirit that we need in order to make our mission statement happen.

Not only did Mr. Brendan share an account of his life experiences, and revealed how his passion for extreme travel began, but also shared how he prepares for new challenges. Most importantly, Mr. Brendan let PYP 4 and 5, as well as MYP and DP students how he uses science in order to achieve the goals he sets his mind to. Students were able to see the routines Mr. Brendan meticulously follows in order to be ready to climb his mountain.

As he revealed that his dream is to conquer the highest ranges in the world, Mr. Brendan encouraged students to look for their own mountain to climb, to think about the person they can become once they accomplish their goals, and to think of how life changing experiences can be when we follow our passions and never give up.

Through his TED-styled presentation, Mr. Brendan demonstrated how by following his dreams he is able to showcase many attributes of the IB Learner Profile, hence serving as a role model for our students- who have already become acquainted with his energy and human qualities as they engage with him in the outdoors club every week.

Mr. Brendan will be leading an MYP and DP expedition to Tibet in the Spring of 2018, and with this presentation he has shown students that while learning can be hard, and that at times it can seem like energy is in short supply, we all need a little inspiration to remind us why we do what we do, and to continue believing in those things that we do that make us happy.



2017年11月10日,上周五,我们中学部和文凭班的科学老师、中学部服务与实践协调员Mr. Brendan Madden,开始了我们希望成为学校传统的内容:青岛美亚国际学校激励精神。在青岛美亚国际学校,我们利用社区成员的专业知识、生活故事以及热情,以此丰富我们使命宗旨所需要的鼓舞精神。

Mr. Brendan不仅分享了他的生活经历,还透露了他对极限旅行的热情是如何开始的,并且也分享了面对新挑战所做的准备。更重要的是,Mr. Brendan让小学4、5年级,中学部和文凭班的学生了解他如何通过科学实现他所设定的目标。学生们可以看到Mr. Brendan为了登山精心准备的步骤。

Mr. Brendan表示,他的梦想是征服世界上最高的山脉,他鼓励学生们寻找自己想要攀登的山峰,思考当目标实现时希望成为的人,想一想当我们充满热情并永不放弃时生活是如何改变经历的。

Mr. Brendan通过TED风格的演讲,展示了他的梦想如何体现出很多IB学习者的特性,因此成为我们学生的榜样-大家在每周的户外俱乐部中已经了解了他的能量和个人素质。

Mr. Brendan将带领中学部和文凭班的一支探险队于2018年春季前往西藏,在此次讲座中,他向学生们展示了学习将是困难的,有时可能还会资源紧缺,我们都需要一点激励以提醒自己为何要做我们所做的,并且坚信我们所做的事情会令我们非常开心。

MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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