• I would recommend this book because I think it is really interesting to read not only because it has funny pictures, but you can also learn about the history of the Civil Rights Movements and new words. I think people who are interested in history or graphic novels should read this book.

    Anna Reply
  • I like this book because the characters are really brave about what is happening to them and they are giving a lot to win their freedom. My favorite part of this book is when John thought it was unfair that all chickens are called chicken because he was so young to be thinking out side of the box in different perspectives.

    Jacob Reply
    By: Charles

    I read March too. This book is a graphic novel that tells how black people changed their status during the time when white people were discriminating harshly against them. My favorite part of book is when white citizens were trying to kick black citizens out of the seats. Black people were nonviolent and peaceful, even though cops were punching them. They stayed on the seats and bore all of these things. The scene was emotional because black people had been treated horribly and it wasn’t fair. I was sort of touched, I can feel how poor they are when they cannot revolt as a normal citizen. I feel proud of them, they are the real “men”.

    Charles Reply
  • I was interested in this book because of the plot. It was an important time for black Americans. Black Americans used non-violent protests to protect themselves. When you read this book, you will be moved by the stories about how black Americans are trying to get their rights. You will learn the time was very cruel for black people, but they still didn’t hurt anyone. My favourite character is John Lewis. He is a person who has very strong opinions. When he disagreed with something, he try his best to make it better.

    Lisa Reply

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