MYP Students do Research to Plan Service and Action Initiative | MYP学生研究规划首次CAS项目。

MYP Students do Research to Plan Service and Action Initiative | MYP学生研究规划首次CAS项目。

Understanding that students are at the center of the learning process should help us develop several attitudes as part of a learning community:

  • Students should experience agency and leadership in choosing how to learn and deepen their understanding.
  • Students’ personal exploration of their interest should play a crucial role in the learning they experience.
  • Students’ engagement in becoming informed in order to inform others should not be overseen.
  • Students should have a forum in which these ideas are take place.


In the MYP, we are encouraging students to identify learning experiences that will enrich their journeys. Not only is our explicit emphasis in helping them understand the essence of the global context, but also to challenge them to understand that it is important to understand how things work prior to taking action, in order to channelise your efforts, and to assign the right skills to the right cause.

Guided by Mr Brendan Madden’s enthusiasm, our MYP students are carrying out a variety of independent service-learning projects through which they become involved in initiatives that matter to them, and in which they choose how to support, and how to hone their skills in the process. Not only is this attitude one of the core values of the IB Mission Statement, but also of QAIS’ very own Vision and Mission.

To exemplify these dispositions, MYP 3 students, Jerry Li, Kevin Pak, and Ryoichi Kato took the led and shared the researched they conducted about a dog shelter in the outskirts of Qingdao, in order to find out how best they could support and take action.  Their presentation not only invited the community to inquire about the length of their involvement and their goals, but also about how they could support them.

Examples of learning engagements like this are what transform a learning community, and what help students develop a sense of entrepreneurship, while also showcasing several attributes of the IB Learner profile. We at QAIS are profoundly proud of witnessing how students are taking charge of their own development.

Below are a few images from the presentation Jerry, Kevin, and Ryoichi led in the secondary assembly on Friday, December 9, 2017.


  •  学生应该尝试去帮助别人代理事宜,并且在选择如何学习或者如何加深理解的问题上能自己做主。
  •  学生对自己兴趣的探索应该在他们的学习过程中发挥重要的作用。
  •  学生在研究中能够告知或教授他人的研究不应该受到监督。
  •  学生们应该有个公开讨论的平台,在这里他们会碰撞出很多想法。


在Brendan Madden先生的热情指导下,我们的MYP学生们正在进行各种各样的独立服务学习项目,通过这些项目,他们会参与到与自己相关的活动中,同时他们也会知道如何在这一过程中巩固和发展他们的技能。这种态度不仅是“IB使命宣言”的核心价值之一,也是美亚学校自身的愿景和使命。

为了证明这些,MYP的 3名学生JerryLi,Kevin Pak和Ryoichi Kato,在青岛郊区的一个狗狗收容所进行了研究活动,并以此证明展示了他们能够将行动项目以及对这个项目的支持工作做得非常好。他们的展示不仅使社区前来询问,关于他们的此次活动时间和活动目标,还关注他们需要什么样的帮助。



You can view Jerry, Kevin, and Ryoichi’s presentation below. | 您还可以在下方看到Jerry,Kevin和Ryoichi的展示。


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