HIS and QAIS joined MYP Personal Project Presentation 2018

HIS and QAIS joined MYP Personal Project Presentation 2018

The MYP Personal Project is:
  • A research task conducted over an established period of time.
  • A research project based on a specific area of knowledge.
  • A research project chosen by students on a topic of their interest.
  • A demonstration of students’ abilities to manage time, do research, collaborate, and communicate ideas.
  • An example of research in a real-life situation.
  • One of the two culminating tasks of the IB MYP (the other one is  the eAssessment).
  • A cornerstone for the IB DP Extended Essay.
  • A continuation of the IB PYP Exhibition
MYP 개인 프로젝트는 다음과 같습니다.

  • 일정 기간 동안 계획을 세우고 수행하는 연구 과제.
  • 특정 분야의  지식에 기반한 연구 프로젝트.
  • 학생들의 흥미를 기반으로 한 주제와 관련한 연구 프로젝트.
  • 시간활용, 조사, 협력, 의사소통에 대한 학생들의 능력입증.
  • 실생활 속의 조사 연구의 예시
  • IB MYP의 두 가지 중요한 과제 중 하나 (다른 하나는 eAssessment)
  • IB DP 소논문 작성의 초석
  • IB PYP 전시회의 연장선
  • 一个固定时间的研究项目
  • 一个特定知识领域的研究项目
  • 基于学生兴趣撰写的研究项目
  • 展示学生管理时间、从事研究、协作与交流思想能力的平台
  • 真实生活为实例的研究项目
  • IB中学项目里其中一个终极测评项目(另外一个项目是电子测评)
  • IB大学预科项目拓展论文的基石
  • IB小学项目展览的延续

In order to amplify the power of this unique experience, for the 2018 exhibition, QAIS joined forces with Xi’An Hanova International School (HIS) in a joint Personal Project Presentation. QAIS and HIS  agree on the importance to support IB learners to learn from others, and to enrich their perspectives. Therefore, not only does this collaboration allowed students to see how the IB Learner Profile comes to life in another school, but also to connect, network, and establish long lasting relationships.

When schools join the IB, they join a network, and a family. HIS and QAIS MYP coordinators wanted to show students their lifelong learning passion by acting as courageous and open-minded learners. This joint Personal Project Presentation is an example of the power of collaboration, and of the commitment QAIS and HIS have with their students to look for learning scenarios that will allow students to broaden and to learn from multiple perspectives.

HIS and QAIS students presented their MYP Personal Projects twice in order to have the opportunity to practice their public speaking skills with two different audiences. First, students presented to parents and QAIS and Baishan teachers, and they also had the opportunity to take a look at each other’s projects.

In the second round of presentations, HIS and QAIS students presented to QAIS PYP, MYP, and DP, as well as Baishan students.

HIS and QAIS’ projects were well-received and praised by students, parents, and teachers alike. This event showed how the Personal Project as  a culmination for the MYP exemplifies what young people’s minds are able to produce when they are passionate about something. Moreover, the Personal Project reveals how the learning is not only based on the product, but on the process. In a few words, this is what relevant, real-life education should be like in the present as its impact goes beyond this presentation.

There is no other program catering to students ages 11-16 that challenges students with this type of projects, and this is what makes the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program experience unique.

HIS students’ projects included:

  • A video introduction to Astronomy
  • A video demonstration of different animation techniques
  • A video tutorial to learn how to play the DJing machine
  • Economy Forecast: a magazine
  • Today’s AQI: Hazardous: booklet
  • An informative website titled Green Homes
  • An informative, animated video about sexual assault

QAIS students’ projects included:

• A beginning method for learning piano.
• A tourist information website to explore Qingdao
• An informative website about pet adoption
• A size-model of a building
• An informative website about food waste
A photo-book exploration of depression
• A Korean cuisine recipe book
• A Korean language learning App
• An alternative design for carry-on luggage
• An educational  website about the environment

MYP, Teaching & Learning, and Language Acquisition Coordinator| IB DP English B Teacher | Grade 10 Advisor.

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