Playing and Learning with Different Forms of Language | 用不同的语言学习和娱乐

Playing and Learning with Different Forms of Language | 用不同的语言学习和娱乐

The IB DP group 2 courses are not conventional foreign language courses. The language B courses in the IB DP are designed to provide students with the necessary skills and intercultural understanding to enable them to communicate successfully in an environment where the language studied is spoken. This process encourages the learner to go beyond the confines of the classroom, expanding an awareness of the world and fostering respect for cultural diversity (IB DP Lang B guide, pg 4).

As part of their Higher Level (HL) component, QAIS English B HL students have to study at least two literary works. This pursuit, when addressed through the lenses of one of the core topic that need to be studied, becomes a great opportunity for students to use their thinking skills to interpret the message and meaning of the story, at the same time that they use their creativity in order to ‘transform’ the piece of literature in terms of form. This is a highly conceptual task for students need to consider aspects such as mood, tone, and intention while choosing the language form in which they will present their work.

Mixing different forms of language such as spoken, aural, and visual represents a challenge as students need to find a way to synchronize them and harmonize them, so that they final outcome looks unified. Nonetheless, when choices are made considering the skills each one possesses, the outcomes can be brilliant.

Therefore, as part of their work while studying Paul Auster’s In the Country of Last Things, IB DP English B HL students demonstrated their understanding of the story, and were able to transfer their appreciation of it to a different scenario, hence producing an exciting audiovisual representation.

Take a look at the terrific work that Paul Pei, Wendy Kim, and Shirley Ma have produced.



%IB,DP第2组课程不是传统的外语课程。语言B课程旨在为学生提供必要的技能和跨文化的理解,使他们能够在语言学习的环境中成功地进行沟通。这一过程鼓励学习者超越课堂的局限,扩大对世界的认识,培养对文化多样性的尊重(IB DP Lang B指南,pg 4)。



%因此,作为他们工作的一部分,在研究圣保罗·奥斯特的小说《末世之城》(In the Country of Last Things)时,IB BP英语B的学生们展示了他们对这个故事的理解,并且能够将他们对故事的欣赏转化成不同场景的表演,令人兴奋的是,他们因此制作了一部微电影!

敬请欣赏由Paul Pei, Wendy Kim, 和Shirley Ma制作的精彩视频。

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