MMUN 2018 Helped me Reflect on Real World Issues

MMUN 2018 Helped me Reflect on Real World Issues

This was my very first year of MMUN and attending any committee as a delegate of one nation. I was the delegate of Japan of the UNSC, or security council. I worked on topics 1 and 2, which are about the terrorism and the situation in Somalia. I’ve interacted with students who are from different countries or different ages in the informal consultation in order to come up with the solution with consensus. I made more friends through this MMUN from diverse countries such as India and Egypt.

Through this experience, I was able to learn more about the rules and procedures of the MMUN. I was also able to learn how to gather separate ideas from various people in a one resolution, and I believe that this was worthy learning because most of the skills used in the MMUN will be helpful for organizing different ideas, speaking formally, and interacting with people who I’ve never met before.

What I’ve also learnt was the disadvantages of the MMUN or actual UN because most of the delegates are thinking about the possibilities of the resolution. I personally believe that there is nothing that is 100% working in any of the worlds’ issue, and if we’re keep searching for 100% that doesn’t even exist, it we’ll be so much of time wasting or sufficient use of time for creating a resolution. I also felt that building good systems, buildings, and foods for only rich kids’ who can afford MMUN is very financially wasting because I think if we spent the tremendous amount of money on making the world better rather than creating a buffet that most of the students’ waste food, I believe that the world could be a better place.

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