Becoming a Better Communicator at MMUN Rome 2018

Becoming a Better Communicator at MMUN Rome 2018

We had been preparing for the MMUN Rome conference 2018 for almost one year, that includes all the research about different countries, and issues that our world has been currently facing. With all this knowledge, effort and our teacher, Miss Liz’s guidance I had a wonderful experience in all the sessions.

I was able to communicate with other delegations with detailed knowledge about my topic. We were all able to merge our points into the resolutions of both the topics even if we had many disagreements in the beginning amongst ourselves. This was mainly possible as all the delegations in our committee were very flexible and open to each other that helped to organize and initiate each other’s opinions in an appropriate way.

Even if there were some people who were more dominating then others, I was able to express my opinions courageously in a friendly manner. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed working with all the delegations in our committee, as they were cooperative and had optimistic approaches towards solving a problem. I also had the chance to talk about our daily lives, where we deeply got to know about each other that includes our likes and dislikes. Finally, it was a delightful experience to meet students from all over the world and collaborate to take action as an international community!!


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