I am now a Big MMUN Fan

I am now a Big MMUN Fan

We came to Rome and join the MMUN conference in May 2018. This was my first MMUN conference. At first, when we were setting our country board on the B1 floor, I saw a SPECPOL sign just in front of us. Apple and I took a quick look inside, the room was small and there were not many seats. So we felt OK. However, we realized that was the Upper Elementary SPECPOL. Ours was on the first floor and it was the biggest committee of this conference. The room was big and I was nervous.

At 9:15 am, we went in. My heart was bouncing. The first thing chair made us to do is saying our names, where we came from, how many times we have joined MMUN, and our goal in this conference. I found out that this is the first time for most of the delegates. Then we stared to read our opening speeches.

There were 2 topics and the first one was mine! Fortunately, Slovenia starts with S, so we were kind of in the middle of the list. I finished my opening speech with no trouble. Then we got to work. We first got in our region group, for me is the Eastern European group. Then we combined with other groups and having formal and informal consultation. There was a problem that African group is keep saying UN need to give them money to support so that they can build some power plants or keep safe from radiation. But later, we shared ideas and thoughts so they all agreed. On topic 2, everyone’s ideas were almost same and the process went very quick.

Our committee was very peaceful and had not much troubles but there is a small thing I found. Apple and I were in the eastern European group. There were only 4 nations, which is 8 delegates in this group

It was my first MMUN but I have been to 1 MUN. They are similar but there are still some differences. The first biggest difference is we can use computers in MUN but not in MMUN. Also, the resolutions in MUN always have sub-clause, sub-sub-clause, sometimes even sub-sub-sub-clauses. But MMUN doesn’t have those things. I fell like MMUN is more like everyone talking and sharing ideas together and making a resolution but MUN have to do by yourself and improving yourself.

I like MMUN more.


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