You, Me, or Technology?


You, Me, or Technology?: MYP 3 Explores the Relationships People Have With Technology

 In this final Humanities unit of the year, MYP 3 has been investigating, inquiring, researching, and reflecting on various forms of technology and how they have shaped humanity in the past up until this day. In the above photo, Francesca Cutugno, Jerry Li, and Claire Li, explain to their MYP 3 peers the social effects that television has had and continues to have on people, particularly teens. These effects can be viewed positively and negatively as this group explained that violent television has the ability to influence the behavior of children, while television has the ability to educate and even break long standing negative stereotypes held by the public. Whether you are a technophile or a luddite, you have to admit that technology impacts our lives and relationships in multiple ways, as our students know all too well. On your next walk through the main building, keep your eyes out for their next projects: infographics about the impact television, computers, and smart phones have on society.


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